Welcome to the world of me .... read on and enjoy, hopefully!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Well as I mentioned I didn't know why i was setting this blog up, but really it's because recently I broke up with my boyfriend of 13 months ( yes I'm a gay ), and it got me thinking about relationships.

So anyway in a little bit of a back story me and my boyfriend had a row when I was very drunk, I acted like a complete tool and that was the end of that! .... not much of a back story I know but I don't fancy broadcasting the ins and outs here on the internet for any one to see!

So anyway after this argument and the resulting break up to say I was devastated is an understatement! And to let you know what hurt the most was that when we broke up about 8 months before for a completely different reason we still talked etc...

However this time all I got was a 'just leave me', so you can imagine my upset when logging into facebook and seeing _Insert_name_here_  is now single!

So this has left me thinking are relationships now just the newest in a long line of things to go electronical? Can a relationship now like an email, a text message or facebook status be deleted with the click of a button .... apparently so.

Of course its not as simple as this as there's the break up before .... whether it seems serious or not, but apparently when its said on facebook that its over ... then its over!

So why do you spend so much time looking for someone and getting messed around, to finally find someone fall in love, devote all your time and share so much with this person to then see the shit hit the fan and feel yourself get deleted like a piece of spam in an inbox?

Makes you think doesn't it?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Why hello and welcome to my blog.

Its taken me a while to actually getting around to setting this up but due to having absolutely nothing to due i've finally decided to do it ... go me!

The reasoning behind me actually starting this blog is because .... well actually I don't know myself I just thought it would be fun!

So here goes this blog is going to consist of my thoughts , feelings, opinions and basically my life over the summer, whether its going to be interesting is another matter, but at least I can say I attempted blogging haha!

So please enjoy and I will be updating very soon .....